Friday, February 23, 2018  The Skylight Room, The CUNY Graduate Center, Room 9100


10:00-11:30    Structural Insurrections in Composition & Rhetoric   

Lisa Blankenship (Baruch): The Personal as Political: Narrative Argument Assignment Design

Jennifer Maloy (Queensborough): Activism in/and Administration

Carmen Kynard (John Jay): #BlackFeminismLooksLike: The Decolonization of Composition Studies and the Movement for Black Lives


11:30-1:00    On-Campus Activism: Protest & Performance    

Monika Bhagat-Kennedy (University of Mississippi): The Controversy over Contextualization: Rethinking Confederate Monuments After Charlottesville

Cristina Pérez Jiménez (Manhattan College): Aquí/Allá ― Caribbean Crisis in the Classroom

Trevor Weston (Drew University): Time-Binding: Composing Music to Document Conflict and Resistance

String Quartet Performance of “UUU” and “Fudo Myoo”

John Henderson, violin     Chris McClain, violin     Tia Allen, viola    Aaron Stokes, cello


1:00-2:00   Lunch Reception


2:00-4:00    Student Panels     Visibility through Scholarship: Undocumented & Unheard Voices

Moderator: Jessica Yood (Lehman)

Lucero Miranda Luna: Not Your Trophy Dreamer

Zoe Fanzo: Assistants or Assailants of Radical Activity?: Queer Student Activism on New York College Campuses

Arlinda Mulosmanaj: A Poet’s Role: Identity, Nationalism, and the Activism of Hysen Mulosmanaj

Nicholas Santiago: To Live Again: Digital Rhetoric and First-Year Composition


4:00-6:00   Activist Archives & Histories

Nermeen Arastu (CUNY Law School): Aspiring Americans “Thrown Out in the Cold”: The Race-Infused Politics of Naturalization

Amaka Okechukwu (George Mason): How We Tell Stories, How We Get Free: Praxis at the Intersection of the Street, Field, & Archive

Simon Reader (Staten Island): 25 Years Queer: The CLAGS Archive of CUNY

Mary Phillips (Lehman): Liberation From Prison: Panther Ericka Huggins Revolutionary Work Behind Bars


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